Technology and Products

A major new commitment has been made in 2010 in the area of Ultra Fine and Fine Magnesium Powders for U.S. Military applications with the investment into a new atomizer plant. However ESM-SMT’s most important asset in entering this challenging area is our experienced operations and technical staff with respect to safety and efficient operations with Magnesium powder production. ESM started investing in sophisticated laboratory and production equipment in 2003 and have completed a significant plant expansion now to increase our production capacity and adding atomizing capability at our Saxonburg Pennsylvania location to meet all the needs of Military Contractor customers.  With the new atomizing plant and greatly improved capability to manufacture fine mechanical Magnesium powders ESM-SMT does offer the complete range of Magnesium chips, granules and powder products. As most recent addition to our product range, ESM-SMT now also offers Magnesium alloys (standard and custom compositions) as atomized or mechanically generated powders for a range of powder metallurgical applications.

The technical innovations we have introduced do improve operating safety, lower production cost and focus to minimize product variability, all very significant for Military applications in this demanding product area. Using Laser Particle Analysis techniques for every drum produced and super efficient Piezoelectric Screening practices and innovative and safe blending techniques; we see significant growth potential in supplying Fine and Ultra Fine Magnesium Powder to the contractors for the US Military.

ESM is a Registered to ISO 9001:2000 Corporation in good standing and is focused on meeting the safety, quality and organizational standards required for this designation. Product quality is a team effort between our Quality and Operations Departments and both departments have equal responsibilities in producing a quality product to meet our customer’s expectations.