Steel Side

ESM has a solution to Alloy Recovery, Steel Desulfurization and Steel Cleanliness Problems

In order to achieve target alloy levels it is critical to consistently first reduce slag oxides to predefined low levels. ESM Group Inc. can assist in this process through the application of its products and know how. Our metallurgical staff and field service team will perform initial slag analysis and work with your operating managers to develop reliable and repeatable operating procedures coupled with a slag conditioner addition program which includes reducing agents to compliment the practice. By using this approach, ESM Group Inc. has gained the respect of the steelmaking fraternity and made us a significant supplier of lime based slag conditioners to the North American Steel industry. We custom blend a variety of fluxes and reducing agents formulated by our metallurgical staff. Pioneering bulk delivery of sized granular slag conditioners to the largest and most successful North American steelmakers using in-house handling experience, is responsible for catapulting ESM Group Inc. to “major player” status.
ESM Group Inc. is one of the few suppliers to assist our valued customers in developing slag conditioning practices which allow them to achieve 0.002% steel levels consistently and reliably. Steelside ladle injection of calcium and calcium silicon powders is not easy; obstacles are overcome through our many years of experience. In order to achieve your desulfurizing and sulfide shape control objectives certain prerequisites must be met. ESM Group Inc. has the metallurgical expertise and the product lines to help you achieve these metallurgical objectives. Let us add more technology to your art of steelmaking. ESM Group Inc. plays an integral role in keeping industry in motion, specializing in quick turnarounds, outages and shutdowns, as well as normal lead time delivery for maintenance and construction projects. ESM Group Inc. would like an opportunity to discuss your needs. For additional information or to arrange a plant tour, please contact us.