Iron Side

ESM has a solution to your Sulfur Problems

Nothing better exemplifies ESM’s hot metal desulfurization expertise than its state of the art magnesium based co-injection system. This system has been designed by ESM Group Inc., to ensure greater predictability of endpoint sulfur in the desulfurization of iron. This is achievable through a unique, highly refined combination of specially designed injection equipment, bulk material handling and storage, field proven programmable control instrumentation, and high quality magnesium reagents. Reagents are custom designed to perform within each clients unique operational constraints. Either lime or calcium carbide based reagents can be co-injected with magnesium depending upon operational time constraints. ESM Group Inc. offers a complete range of reagent solutions: magnesium, lime and calcium carbide. Unlike conventional mono-injection systems, ESM’s co-injection system delivers precise standards of performance by introducing magnesium and other powdered reagents simultaneously into torpedo or open transfer ladles. Through the precise control of reagent quality and constant monitoring of injection rates, desired endpoint sulfur levels are achieved. Innovations born out of necessity and cooperation between departments yielded ESM’s patented variable orifice and dual outlet injector. Individually or together these add both process and injection control. This is what has truly established ESM Group Inc. as the world’s hot metal desulfurization expert; the vast knowledge and practical experience built into every process component.

ESM has a solution to your Skimming Yield Loss Problems

Yield loss problems in the steel shop are always difficult to measure and even more difficult to resolve. Over the past few years ESM Group Inc. has made great strides in this area. Through the use of certain fluxes as well as some proprietary innovations, ESM Group Inc. has led the market in the development of carrier reagents for hot metal desulfurization. We have an array of proven products which have demonstrated measurable, reproducible, and cost effective solutions to the elusive problem of yield loss associated with skimming. ESM Group Inc. has partnered with the leader in thermal camera imaging to the steel industry and added “Skim Vision” to our product line. “Skim Vision” is a technology which assists the steel shops skimmer operator in differentiating between slag and iron and alerts the operator that he has reached the cleanliness target level. The use of “Skim Vision” ensures the optimal amount of high sulfur containing slag is removed without needless iron yield loss. ESM Group Inc. plays an integral role in keeping industry in motion, specializing in quick turnarounds, outages and shutdowns, as well as normal lead time delivery for maintenance and construction projects. ESM Group Inc. would like an opportunity to discuss your needs. For additional information or to arrange a plant tour, please contact us.