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ESM has a solution to your Pneumatic Injection Problems

The brain center of the ESM Group Inc. co-injection system is its Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC. Designed, programmed and assembled by ESM’s in house experts the PLC continuously monitors system variables including weight, pressure and flow rate and makes on the spot adjustments as required. ESM Group Inc. has experience with many versions of hardware and software and can accommodate each client by providing solutions using customer preferred operating systems. ESM Group Inc. has taken the use of its Programmable Logic Controller to the forefront of customer support. Connected by modem to its customers on site PLC, ESM Group Inc. is able to collect, analyze and report performance data from literally thousands of desulfurized heats every month. 
This real time feedback eliminates unnecessary overtreatment, reduces cost, and results in process optimization and efficiency by recognizing each customer’s unique application, logistics and processes, ESM Group Inc. approaches each project with customized service and support.


Each ESM Group Inc. component is designed for easy, safe and efficient operation enhanced by complete training and technical support. ESM’s commitment to long-term relationships with its customers makes ongoing support a guarantee. ESM’s staff of more than fifty field service technicians are available to perform preventive and emergency maintenance 24/7. We can provide every level of service required from weekly oversight to daily supervision to around the clock injection and skimming services. ESM’s station design is based on decades of hands on operating experience providing the optimum in reliability.