Caster Technologies

ESM offers solutions to help improve your shop maintenance and reliability problems through Innovation

ESM Group Inc. established a Fabrication and Machine Shop in Ashland, Kentucky in October of 1999. Our primary focus is on achieving solutions to metallurgical problems. The Caster Division supports steelmakers and other businesses through caster segment rebuilding, general and specialty fabrication and pneumatic/hydraulic cylinder repair, with the intention of offering solutions to help improve shop maintenance and reliability problems by formulating innovative solutions. One of the specialty solutions ESM Group Inc. offers to the steel industry is extending caster segment life through innovation. ESM’s skilled work force enables us to consistently rebuild segments to meet their intended life. Segment rebuild work is performed at our facility, not shipped to another vendor or location.

Our integrated approach, keeps your maintenance personnel involved in the rebuild process. Keeping them in the loop enables them to quickly implement design improvements. A dependable caster line is one of the most important functions of steelmaking.  Premature segment failure is one of the leading causes of production loss. You can be confident that your segments will obtain their intended life with ESM Group Inc. rebuilds. Depending on where the segment is located in the line, our segments are presently running between 1.25 and 4 million tons production per segment; on average 1.5 million tons.