The SKW Group

ESM Group Inc. is a proud member of the global SKW Metallurgie Group.

The SKW Metallurgie Group is a world-leading provider of specialty chemicals. Its core businesses are desulphurization and secondary metallurgy solutions for the steel industry. A further business activity is Quab specialty chemicals.

A Group of long-standing tradition, SKW Metallurgie has established itself as a competent partner in the global steel industry.  The companies in the group develop, manufacture and sell products used in the desulphurization and refining of raw iron and steel as well as offering engineering services to this industry.

The SKW Metallurgie Group is active in the following three segments


  • Powder and Granules
  • ESM Group Inc., SKW Metallurgie and Tecnosulfur primarily provide solutions for the desulphurization and refinement of hot metal that is turned into high-grade steel. The segment also entails a share in the Indian Joint Venture Jamipol, offering hot metal desulphurization solutions for the Indian market.
  • Cored Wire
  • The Affival Group produces and sells wires filled with specialty chemicals to provide specific metallurgical properties to the steel.
  • Other
  • In more than 40 countries, SKW QUAB Inc. sells specific cationizing chemical reagents.

To find out more about the group, headed by SKW Stahl-Metallurgie Holding AG, please click here. In the following, you will find news from the SKW Metallurgie Group as well as from the steel industry (the main client industry of the SKW Metallurgie Group).