Welcome to ESM

ESM Group Inc. is committed to producing quality desulfurizing reagents, fluxing materials and synthetic slags. As a registered ISO 9001-2008 – ANSI/ISO/ ASQ Q9001-2008 company, ESM Group Inc. strives to provide our customers with products which perform consistently from shipment to shipment. ESM Group Inc. also continues to reinforce and develop the finest equipment available in the marketplace with its top quality products, services and technical assistance. ESM Group Inc. employs documented procedures throughout our organization to provide consistency of operation and maintain flexibility to allow for swift response to our customers’ needs ensuring that you have full control over all your processes.

We are members of the SKW Metallurgie Group. For the Group web site, please visit http://www.skw-steel.com/english/.


ESM has been a leading Mg granule manufacturer for many years and developed expertise in the Specialty Magnesium Powder Business as a major supplier to the chemical, welding, refractory, pyrotechnics and chemical heating industries.

In 2010/11 ESM invested into a new magnesium powder atomizer.  The entire specialty magnesium powder business has been consolidated in a new division of ESM, ESM Special Metals & Technology Division focusing resources in the specialty magnesium powder area.